Is this a joke?

No. This is not a joke. I know that we published our first issue on April 1, which is also April Fool's Day, but this is a serious (mostly) publication.

What AIs do you use?

Most of the content is generated by ChatGPT, however, some of the content uses different AI models, including Bard and various GPT-based LLMs. As far as images go, most images are generated using some variant of Stable Diffusion. Other AIs are used as well, including one to design a theme based on the background image. I'm always exploring different AI models, so if I find one that does something that helps me out, I'll most likely start using it.

What do you, as the Editor actually do?

Admittedly, publishing a magazine entirely written by AI makes it sound like I'm not doing anything. However, as the editor, I have a few responsibilities. First, I have to coach the AIs to write the stories (e.g., "write a story about robots as if it were written by H. P. Lovecraft"), but also workshop the story ideas. Additionally, since most AIs don't generate full, cohesive stories, I have to stitch together the disparate parts. Also, like any good editor, I do, on occasion, rewrite, add, or remove parts of the stories to ensure cohesiveness. While I make the claim that the stories are "entirely written by AI," they are in fact, partly written by a human where necessary.

Is this covered by copyright?

Since this magazine is produced in the United States, and the US Copyright Office has taken a stance on not granting copyrights to machine-generated content, most of the content on this website is not protected by copyright. The only parts that are generated by human are my introductions each issue and this page (though I did consider having an AI answer some FAQs). That being said, I do lightly edit some of the stories, mostly to smooth out the story if there's something that doesn't naturally flow, and sometimes to change names that are too close to real people/places/things or people/places/things that appear in works still under copyright.

So, I can do whatever I want with these stories?

This is where I shrug and tell you that I can't do anything to stop you. Though, if you are inspired to make something based on what you read here, please show us! You might even get a shout-out on the site if it's awesome enough.

How do I cite these stories?

None of the author names are real. They are either generated by the AI that wrote the story or are made up by me (but approved by the AI), usually to be a pun on a real author's name. That being said, if you'd like to cite or reference a story found here, treat it as a citation with an editor (Jacob P. Silvia) following your preferred citation format.

What if I have another question?

Leave a comment or send us an email. You can reach me directly at jacob@artifaict.com.

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