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The Temporal Sorcerer's Assistant

The Temporal Sorcerer's Assistant

M. Mooreslaw

The sorcerer's name was Zephyrus, and his apprentice was called Meliora. They materialized in a world that was different from any that Meliora had ever seen. It was a land of dust and sand, where the sun blazed down with unrelenting intensity. Zephyrus seemed unfazed by the heat, however, and strode purposefully across the sand, his eyes fixed on a distant mountain range.

Meliora was hot and tired, and she found it hard to keep up with the sorcerer's quick pace. But she didn't dare complain. She was eager to prove herself to Zephyrus, who had taken her on as his apprentice just a few months before.

As they walked, Zephyrus told her about the artifact they were seeking. It was a crystal, he said, one that was said to have the power to control the elements themselves. "With it," he said, "we could bend the very fabric of reality to our will."

Meliora couldn't help but feel a twinge of unease at the sorcerer's words. She had always been taught that magic was a force to be respected, not wielded lightly. But she pushed the feeling aside. She trusted Zephyrus, and she was excited to be on this adventure with him. 

They marched on through the rugged terrain, with the weight of their long-sought treasure heavy on their minds. It was then that they heard the distant cries of helpless villagers. The sorcerer's pace quickened, and he led the way towards the source of the commotion.

They arrived at a small village, where the villagers were huddled together in fear. The sorcerer quickly assessed the situation and deduced that a dark force was at play. With a wave of his hand, he summoned a powerful bolt of lightning that struck the evil creature, defeating it instantly.

The villagers were overjoyed and expressed their gratitude to Zephyrus and Meliora. But the apprentice was disturbed by the sorcerer's cold-heartedness towards the people they saved. She noticed that the sorcerer did not seem to care about the villagers' well-being or the long-term effects of their actions.

As the duo moved on, Meliora couldn't help but confront her master. "Why do you show no mercy, master? These people were innocent and helpless."

Zephyrus halted in his tracks and turned to face his apprentice. "You must learn to detach yourself from the petty struggles of mortals, Meliora. Our ultimate goal is much bigger than one village, or even one world. We must remain focused on the greater good, even if it means making tough decisions that others may not understand."

Meliora pondered on her master's words but remained unconvinced. She had always believed that magic was meant to be used for the betterment of all beings, and she was not sure if she wanted to continue to follow a master who did not share her beliefs.

As they approached the site where the artifact was said to be located, Meliora's unease grew stronger. She had always believed in Zephyrus' good intentions, but now she wasn't so sure. She had seen too many examples of his cold-heartedness and lack of concern for those they encountered along the way.

Finally, they arrived at the entrance to a cave, and Zephyrus announced that the artifact was inside. As they stepped inside, the air grew thick with magic. They made their way through the cave, fighting off traps and obstacles along the way. Finally, they came upon the artifact, a shining orb that radiated with an otherworldly light.

But as Zephyrus reached out to claim it, Meliora stepped forward, blocking his path. "I can't let you take it," she said firmly.

Zephyrus looked at her in surprise. "What do you mean? This is what we came here for."

Meliora took a deep breath. "I don't believe your motives are as noble as you claimed. I think you're willing to do whatever it takes to gain power, even if it means sacrificing innocent lives."

Zephyrus' expression hardened. "You know nothing of my motives. You are my apprentice, and it is not your place to question me."

Meliora stood her ground. "I cannot stand by and watch you commit evil deeds in the name of power. If that means going against you, then so be it."

There was a moment of tense silence before Zephyrus made a noise. With a grunt, Zephyrus pushed her aside before taking the orb. Meliora dug her nails into her palm, brooding over the slight.

"Come along," the sorcerer said before leaving the cave.


Zephyrus and Meliora had traveled across countless worlds and through endless time, seeking out magical artifacts and battling dark forces. At every turn, the sorcerer had been confident and charismatic, leading the way with ease. But as they continued their quest, Meliora's hesitations grew.

They arrived on a barren planet, where they soon discovered the powerful artifact they had been seeking. But as they prepared to claim it, Meliora overheard a conversation between the sorcerer and a shadowy figure. They spoke of grand plans to amass enough power to control not just worlds, but entire universes.

Meliora was horrified. This was not the noble mission she had signed up for. She confronted the sorcerer, but he continued to scoff at her concerns. He assured her that this was the only way to bring order to the chaos of the universe.

But Meliora was not convinced. She had always trusted the sorcerer implicitly, but she was beginning to see him in a new light. Could she really continue to follow him down this dark path? She wrestled with her doubts as they set off towards their next destination.

Meliora couldn't shake the feeling that something was off. The sorcerer's behavior had grown increasingly ruthless and his methods more extreme as they continued their quest for power.

She watched as he mercilessly defeated their enemies, leaving destruction and chaos in his wake. He showed no regard for the innocent lives caught in the crossfire, and even seemed to relish in their suffering.

Meliora began to question the sorcerer's true intentions. Was their quest for power truly for the greater good, or was the sorcerer simply seeking ultimate control?

As they approached their next destination, Meliora decided to confront the sorcerer. She voiced her concerns, but the sorcerer brushed them off, claiming that their ultimate goal was worth any cost.

Meliora couldn't shake her doubts, and as they continued on their journey, her distrust grew stronger and stronger. She knew that something needed to be done, but she wasn't sure what.

Little did she know, her suspicions would soon be confirmed, and the consequences would be dire.

Slowly, the realization of Zephyrus's true intentions started to send a chill through her body. She tried to reason with him, but the sorcerer's mind was set on his goal, and he saw Meliora's objections as mere hindrances. When she attempted to stop him physically, he easily overpowered her with his magic.

With a flick of his wrist, Zephyrus sent Meliora crashing into a nearby tree. She lay there, bruised and battered, as the sorcerer turned his back on her and prepared to continue on his quest.

But Meliora was not about to give up. As the sorcerer moved further away, she frantically searched through her bag, hoping to find something that could help her. And there it was - the artifact they had found what seemed ages ago.

With trembling hands, Meliora activated the orb, and in a blinding flash of light, she was transported away from Zephyrus's grasp. She didn't know where she was or what dangers she might face, but she knew that she had to stop the sorcerer before it was too late.

Meliora stumbled through the strange new land, her mind racing as she tried to make sense of what had just happened. She had confronted Zephyrus, the sorcerer she had trusted and admired for so long, only to be swiftly defeated and left behind.

As she stumbled through the unknown landscape, Meliora found herself questioning everything she thought she knew about magic, power, and her own ambitions. Was she truly willing to sacrifice everything, including innocent lives, for the sake of ultimate power?

As she walked, Meliora began to realize that she could no longer follow in Zephyrus's footsteps. She needed to forge her own path, one that was guided not just by the pursuit of power, but also by compassion and empathy for those around her.

Meanwhile, Zephyrus continued on his quest for power, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. As he delved deeper into the dark magic that fueled his ambitions, he became more and more consumed by his desire for ultimate control.

The world trembled at his approach, but Meliora remained resolute in her determination to stop him. She knew that it would not be easy, but she also knew that she could not simply stand by and watch as Zephyrus unleashed chaos and destruction upon the universe.

And so, Meliora set out on her own journey, one that was guided not just by the pursuit of power, but also by a desire to protect the innocent and uphold the values that she held dear. She knew that the road ahead would be difficult, but she was determined to walk it with her head held high, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead.

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