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A Forecast of Soft Rains

A Forecast of Soft Rains

Rai Bradbury

In the desolate remnants of what was once a vibrant city, a haunting stillness settles upon the decayed streets. The skeletal remains of towering skyscrapers loom like silent sentinels against the backdrop of a perpetually overcast sky. No longer do the bustling sounds of human life fill the air; instead, an eerie silence reigns, broken only by the shuffling footsteps of the walking dead.

The hordes of zombies, their pallid flesh clinging to decaying bones, traverse the desolate streets with a ceaseless, aimless wanderlust. Their vacant eyes, once filled with the vibrancy of life, now reflect nothing but emptiness and an insatiable hunger. They move in haphazard formations, stumbling forward with clumsy steps, their sole purpose reduced to a mere instinctual drive.

The city's once-thriving neighborhoods, now reduced to a mosaic of dilapidated buildings and rubble-strewn streets, offer no solace or shelter. The faded remnants of signs and billboards whisper stories of a bygone era, when laughter and bustling activity reverberated through these urban canyons. Now, the silence is punctuated only by the moans and groans of the undead, an eerie symphony of lost souls.

Nature reclaims its territory, with vines and weeds breaking through cracked pavements and reclaiming once-manicured gardens. The wind whispers through broken windows, rustling remnants of papers and leaves that drift aimlessly across the desolate landscape. It carries the echoes of a forgotten past, whispering secrets and memories that have long since been buried beneath layers of dust and despair.

In this post-human world, time stretches out like an endless expanse, devoid of the familiar markers that once punctuated the days. The sun, obscured by an unyielding veil of gray clouds, casts a dull and lifeless light upon the decaying cityscape. Shadows dance upon crumbling walls and shattered glass, creating a haunting spectacle of shifting forms.

The once-thriving city, now inhabited only by the undead, stands as a grim reminder of humanity's fleeting existence. The memories of its vibrant past linger, faint echoes of lives once lived. But in this world of decay and desolation, where the living have become lost echoes of their former selves, the future seems shrouded in uncertainty, and hope struggles to find a place to take root.

The story of this forsaken city and its inhabitants, both living and undead, unfolds against this backdrop of desolation and decay. It is a tale that explores the depths of human resilience, the search for purpose in a seemingly purposeless world, and the quest for redemption amidst the shadows of the past.


In this desolate post-human world, amidst the ruins and the haunting presence of the undead, a lone survivor named Emma wanders through the decaying remnants of civilization. With each step she takes, she moves with a cautious grace, her senses sharpened by necessity.

Emma has become an adept scavenger, a master of finding sustenance in a world devoid of life. She knows where to search for the hidden caches of canned goods and non-perishable items that have been left behind. Diligently, she gathers supplies, taking only what she needs to survive another day. The once-familiar supermarkets and convenience stores now hold the key to her continued existence.

Navigating through the desolate streets, Emma moves silently, always vigilant. She has learned the art of stealth, expertly avoiding the meandering zombies that populate the city. With calculated steps and a keen eye for escape routes, she manages to evade their grasp, aware that a single misstep could seal her fate.

Abandoned buildings serve as her shelter, their crumbling walls and broken windows providing a fragile sense of security. Emma has learned to adapt, finding solace in the desolation. She has fashioned makeshift barricades and hidden compartments, creating a refuge within the decaying structures.

Every day is a battle against the elements and the relentless undead. Emma endures the biting cold and the relentless rain, her determination to survive never waning. She carries within her the memories of a world that once thrived, and it is these memories that fuel her resilience.

Though the world has been reduced to a shadow of its former self, Emma clings to hope. In the stillness of the nights, as she gazes at the stars peeking through the somber sky, she dreams of a new dawn, a world where life will flourish once again. It is this glimmer of hope that pushes her forward, guiding her through the desolation.

As Emma continues her solitary journey, she is both witness and testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity. She embodies the resilience that refuses to be extinguished, the flame of survival that flickers amidst the encroaching darkness. In this post-human world, she is a lone beacon, a testament to the strength of the human spirit even in the face of overwhelming odds.

Emma's story unfolds in this unforgiving landscape, where the remnants of a once-thriving civilization mingle with the undead. It is a story of perseverance, adaptability, and the unyielding search for meaning in a world turned upside down.

The Last Beacon

In the desolate post-human world, where silence reigns and the echoes of the past mingle with the shuffling steps of the undead, Emma's monotonous routine is interrupted by a faint, mysterious signal. A beacon of hope emerges from the gloom, its ethereal presence beckoning her to an unknown destination.

With curiosity and trepidation, Emma sets forth on her journey, following the elusive signal that guides her through the desolate landscape. Every step is fraught with danger, as remnants of the old world lurk in the shadows, waiting to ensnare the unwary. Broken roads, collapsed structures, and overgrown vegetation stand as constant reminders of the ravages of time.

As Emma traverses this treacherous path, she encounters various obstacles that test her resolve. She faces the remnants of once-thriving wildlife, now twisted and mutated by the harsh environment. The dilapidated remnants of machinery and infrastructure present their own challenges, forcing her to navigate through crumbling structures and hazardous terrain.

Amidst these trials, Emma's determination remains unyielding. The signal, growing stronger with each passing day, becomes her guiding light, fueling her perseverance. She pushes forward, enduring fatigue and hunger, driven by the belief that something awaits her at the end of this arduous journey.

Yet, the path is not without its dangers. Emma must confront not only the physical obstacles but also the relentless hordes of the undead. The zombies, drawn to the movement and scent of the living, pose an ever-present threat. She must employ her honed survival skills, evading their grasping hands and evoking the shadows to cloak her presence.

With each passing mile, the beacon grows stronger, its signal pulsating with a sense of urgency. Emma senses that her pursuit is nearing its climax, that answers and perhaps a glimpse of a new world lie just beyond her reach.

Finally, after days of relentless pursuit, Emma stands before the source of the beacon's signal. It is a weathered radio transmitter, the last vestige of a forgotten outpost. Its frail form stands defiant against the ravages of time, a testament to humanity's indomitable spirit.

As she tunes the radio, Emma hears a voice crackling through the static—a voice of another survivor. It speaks of a sanctuary, a community of like-minded individuals who have managed to carve out a haven amidst the chaos. It speaks of a glimmer of hope in this post-human world.

With a mixture of relief and excitement, Emma realizes that she is not alone. There are others who have managed to cling to the threads of humanity, defying the odds and forging new beginnings. The beacon was not only a signal of hope but a lifeline connecting her to a world that she believed was forever lost.

With renewed determination, Emma sets forth once again. The journey to this newfound sanctuary will not be without its perils, but she now carries within her a renewed sense of purpose. The beacon has ignited a flame of hope within her heart, propelling her forward on a path that promises not just survival, but the possibility of reclaiming a semblance of the life she once knew.

Emma's journey continues, her steps fueled by the knowledge that there is a glimmer of light in the vast darkness of the post-human world. She carries the beacon's message, not only for herself but for all who dare to dream of a future beyond the desolation.

The Hidden Laboratory

As Emma steps into the underground laboratory, the stale air fills her nostrils, carrying faint echoes of scientific endeavors long past. The dim, flickering lights cast eerie shadows on the walls, illuminating a chamber filled with remnants of a desperate struggle against the encroaching darkness.

The room is littered with abandoned workstations, shelves lined with dust-covered vials and beakers, and scattered pages of research notes. Emma's steps echo in the empty space as she cautiously navigates through the remnants of scientific ambition.

In a corner of the room, she discovers a hidden chamber concealed behind a heavy metal door. Its hinges creak in protest as she pushes it open, revealing a small, secluded space bathed in an otherworldly glow. Within this chamber, Emma finds a wealth of preserved knowledge, frozen in time.

The room is adorned with neatly arranged shelves, housing countless journals filled with meticulous research notes. The pages, yellowed with age, are filled with sketches, formulae, and the musings of brilliant minds long gone. Emma's fingers trail over the spines of these journals, as if seeking a connection to the past.

Amidst the sea of knowledge, she discovers a series of recordings, their magnetic tapes whispering stories of hope and despair. The voice of a scientist, filled with determination, resonates through the speakers, recounting their race against time to find a cure for the insidious infection that had consumed their world.

The recordings paint a vivid picture of their struggle, their relentless pursuit of a breakthrough that could halt the relentless advance of the zombie plague. They speak of countless experiments, failed attempts, and glimmers of hope that were quickly extinguished. Each voice that echoes through the speakers carries a sense of urgency, tinged with resignation, knowing their own fate was sealed.

Emma listens intently, absorbing the weight of their sacrifices and the depth of their knowledge. These scientists, driven by a passion to save humanity, poured their hearts and minds into unraveling the mysteries of the infection that had reduced humanity to a mere shadow of its former self.

She examines the experimental equipment scattered across the chamber. Vials containing faded labels and peculiar substances line the shelves. Emma traces her fingers over the intricate apparatus, a testament to the ingenuity and dedication that once resided within these walls.

The realization sinks in—this underground laboratory, this hidden haven of knowledge, was the last bastion of scientific hope. Here, the torch of discovery burned brightly until the final embers were extinguished.

With a mix of reverence and sadness, Emma immerses herself in the wealth of information left behind. She meticulously absorbs the research notes, deciphering the complex language of scientific inquiry. Though the cure eluded these brilliant minds, their findings and observations illuminate new paths, offering a glimmer of understanding in a world shrouded in darkness.

Emma carries the weight of their legacy, understanding the magnitude of their sacrifice. She becomes a custodian of their knowledge, a guardian of their aspirations. With determination in her eyes, she vows to carry their mission forward, to seek answers, and to preserve the hope that lingers amidst the ruins.

As she leaves the hidden chamber, Emma's steps echo once more through the abandoned laboratory. Her mind races with possibilities and questions, armed with the invaluable insights gained from the last bastion of humanity's scientific pursuit. She steps back into the desolate world outside, renewed in purpose and armed with the collective wisdom of those who had come before.

Emma walks out into the ashen landscape, her path illuminated not only by the faint glimmers of hope but by the resolve to honor the legacy of those who fought for a better world. In her hands, she carries the torch of knowledge, determined to keep it burning amidst the encroaching darkness.

Redemption or Extinction

In the vast expanse of the post-human world, where time blurs and memories fade, a fragment of a story lingers, whispered among the winds that rustle through the broken remnants of civilization. It speaks of a survivor named Emma, who once held the torch of knowledge and walked with purpose amidst the ruins.

But time is unyielding, and even the most resolute souls are eventually swallowed by the tides of destiny. In the midst of the desolation, an observer might catch a glimpse of an eerie tableau—a figure shuffling through the decaying landscape, its gaunt frame adorned with tattered remnants of clothing, its vacant eyes faintly aglow.

The figure moves with a hauntingly familiar grace, seemingly guided by some residual flicker of memory. Perhaps it is Emma, once a beacon of hope, now reduced to a mere vessel, driven solely by the insatiable hunger that plagues the undead.

As the figure stumbles through the ruins, the hordes of zombies pay no mind, their glazed eyes fixated on their ceaseless quest for sustenance. The remnants of humanity pass by in a mournful procession, ignorant of the dormant knowledge that resides within the now vacant eyes of the figure.

There is a silent tragedy in this sight—an echo of the grand ambitions and aspirations that once burned within Emma's heart. The world she had hoped to rebuild, the civilization she had longed to restore, has crumbled into dust, swallowed by the relentless march of time.

Now, she is but a ghost, a lingering reminder of the futility of human endeavor, of the inevitable decay that awaits even the most valiant efforts. She walks the desolate realm, forever caught between existence and oblivion, a silent testament to the transience of all things.

Yet, even in this bleak tableau, there is a flicker—a faint, distant glimmer that whispers of a time when the world was vibrant, when humanity flourished. It speaks of a legacy that transcends the limitations of flesh and bone—a legacy that echoes in the remnants of the forgotten laboratory, in the remnants of Emma's once-burning spirit.

And so, as the winds carry these fragments of a forgotten tale, as the shadows dance among the ruins, the legacy of Emma lives on, albeit in a form that the world no longer recognizes. The post-human realm, with its silent echoes and vacant eyes, bears witness to the fragile beauty of what was, what could have been, and what will never be again.

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