Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Dragons in Pajamas

Dragons in Pajamas 

Dr. Eams

In a land so magical, with mountains high and streams so blue,
There lived dragons aplenty, in pajamas, yes, it's true!
Each night they'd gather, their scales all aglow,
In cozy pajamas, ready for dreams to show.

Among them was a dragon named Daisy, quite mischievous indeed,
With stripes of orange and wings that shimmered with speed.
One night, she hatched a plan, full of adventure and glee,
To find the Dream Crystals, and set sweet dreams free.

With her pajamas on, adorned with stars and moons,
Daisy roused her dragon friends, humming playful tunes.
They fluttered their wings, eager to take flight,
Guided by the moon's glow, they soared into the night.

Over rolling hills, they journeyed far and wide,
Through valleys and forests, side by side.
In search of the Dream Crystals, they soared high and low,
With their pajamas swishing, in the moon's gentle glow.

Their quest led them to a cave, hidden and deep,
Where whispers of magic echoed in their sleep.
Inside, they discovered the crystals, shimmering bright,
Casting hues of wonder, with each flicker of light.

Daisy knew what to do, her heart filled with delight,
She gently held the crystals, glowing with dreams so light.
With each dragon's breath, they blew, oh, so soft,
The crystals shimmered and twirled, their magic aloft.

The land sparkled with wonder, dreams like a sweet lullaby,
As the Dream Crystals danced, painting the night sky.
Dragons slumbered peacefully, their dreams enchanting and grand,
Thanks to Daisy and her dragon friends, across the magical land.

With hearts aglow, they returned home, their mission complete,
Each dragon nestled in their cozy beds, finding dreams so sweet.
In their pajamas, they slept, wrapped in comfort and delight,
For they knew the power of dreams, shining in the night.

And so, dear reader, remember the tale of Daisy and her kin,
Of dragons in pajamas, seeking dreams deep within.
May your own dreams be filled with wonder and cheer,
As you drift off to sleep, with dragons always near.

For in a magical land, where dragons don pajamas, you see,
Dreams come alive, in the world of make-believe, so free.
So snuggle up tight, in your cozy pajamas, too,
And let your dreams take flight, to skies painted in hues.

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