Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Very Fierce

Very Fierce

Ava Bard

A dragon of great fame and size,
Whose fearsome fire could scorch your eyes,
Was known to all as Very Fierce,
And yet he was a bit of a lout.

He'd roar and spit and fume and huff,
But when a knight would come to cuff,
He'd run away and hide in caves,
And whimper like a frightened knave.

"I'm Very Fierce!" he'd shout with pride,
"But I'm afraid of being fried!"
And so the knights would laugh and jeer,
And call him names like "Frightened Weasel."

One day a knight came riding by,
And Very Fierce was hiding high.
"I'm Very Fierce!" he cried and roared,
But the knight just laughed at him and swore.

"You're not a fierce dragon at all!
You're just a coward in a ball!"
And with that, the knight drew his sword,
And Very Fierce was filled with dread.

But then a thought came to his mind,
And with a mighty roar he cried,
"I'm Very Fierce! I'm Very Fierce!"
And then he breathed a mighty fire.

The knight was burned to ashes so,
And Very Fierce was now a hero.
He'd learned that if you want to be
A fearsome dragon, you must be.

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