Thursday, February 1, 2024

Editor Introduction

Once again we stand on the cusp of the future. There are luddites who would wish that robots would stop doing what they can do, and sometimes better. If it was abundantly clear that the machines were worse at something than a human, nobody would worry.

The latest land war over AI, now that actors and screen writers have eked out their islands free of a robot menace are now the musicians. And based on my experience with Suno (, I'm not entirely surprised. With this app, you can generate pretty decent songs, given enough patience and practice.

You can provide your own lyrics (whether you wrote them yourself or had ChatGPT write them for you), or have Suno give you some lyrics based on a prompt. Then, click a button, and few minutes later, you have the start of a song.

In fact, I used Suno to generate a song for this month's issue (and no, Suno didn't give me anything to talk about them):

This technology is in its infancy, and it's that good. When we look back at how long we've had things like LLMs for generating text and Diffusion Models for generating images, and how far it's advanced, just think about what the music models will look like (or sound like) when they get to this level or maturity.

As I said before, we're on the cusp of the future. It's only a matter of time before we have an award-winning story written by an AI, an award-winning image created by an AI, and now an award-winning song written by AI (and if you check out the rest of my YouTube channel, please feel free to consider any of the ones I've already posted :3).

If the video didn't already give you a clue, this month's issue is about fairies, but not ordinary fairies. These fairies are heavy metal (and, yes, I know most fairfolk are weak against iron), so please, enjoy these stories. As always, we want to know what you think.

Happy reading,
Jacob P. Silvia, Editor-in-Chief

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