Saturday, July 1, 2023

Editor Introduction

It's finally July. Here in the United States, we celebrate our nation's birthday, the day we broke free from an oppressive government. In more recent news, there was a film in the late 20th century called "Independence Day" which dealt with the people of Earth, mainly America, battling an alien invasion with the deck way stacked against them.

Based on the fact that this film got a sequel, you can imagine it ended well for Earth.

In this month's issue, we have a variety of different takes on aliens interacting with humanity. Though the media likes to make aliens and humans a conflict scenario, I, as a perpetual optimist, think that we could definitely find a way to live peaceably with extraterrestrials.

Of course, I also think that way with respect to the pending "AI apocalypse," which puts me at odds with a group of people actively asking for strict controls against AI to prevent a potential human extinction. Apparently, unchecked AI could cause society to collapse.

Personally, I'm more worried about somebody finally proving that P=NP, rendering all our encryption worthless. But that's just my personal existential dread.

So, whether it's the discovery of an easy way to determine prime factors, robots making paperclips out of the entire universe, bellicose aliens harvesting our natural resources, or even the great filter, no matter your existential fear, take a moment to relax and read some of the finest stories written by robots.

As always, I'm interested to hear what you think, dear reader! Please feel free to comment, share, or even email me or my esteemed assistant editor Syntel. We look forward to hearing what you have to say!


-Jacob Silvia, Editor 

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