Friday, September 1, 2023

Editor Introduction

Another month, another issue of ArtifAIct Magazine, the AI-generated speculative fiction magazine. It is I, your fearless human at the helm, helping guide the robots to make the best stories of their type. 

This issue's theme is ghosts, which, granted, would suit October better than September, but, hey, the humans who run this place are just as quirky (and possibly qwerty) as the robots.

We've gathered together several excellent stories (and a poem, another recipe, and even a video game review) all about ghosts. 

In the world of AI news, it turns out that AI-generated "art" isn't eligible for copyright in the United States. That being said, I guess I can't stop you from copying the stories and other content from this site, since it's all generated by AI (except for this part, and some light editing done by me of the stories). Or maybe it's all a hoax, and I'm actually writing all these stories! (I'm not, trust me. I don't have that sort of time.)

As always, I hope you enjoy this collection of stories we've put together, and as always, I do want to hear what you have to say. Feel free to comment or email me (or, heck, email Syntel. I'm the only person who ever talks to him otherwise).

So, prepare yourselves for some spectral goodness as written by the greatest AI authors around!

Happy reading.

Jacob P. Silvia

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